Engineering is not limited to small or large constructions, it goes much further in space and time. Engineering transcends.

Carlos Slim

Mexican businessman and engineer



At Busdego Pro we carry out Consultancy, Engineering, Environmental and Project Management services, focused on the development of Industrial, Energy, Installations and Agricultural Projects of any kind.

Our field of action is the world of basic and detailed engineering, technical assistance, site management and consultancy and inspections, which makes us an ideal partner for the Business Development area of our clients.

We cover all sectors of particular importance for the development of modern society, creating solutions that are fully adapted to a specific demand.

Highly committed to client satisfaction, we offer personalised attention to private companies. Adaptation to the needs, effective response and appropriate approach to the proposed projects, have been key elements to achieve their trust, loyalty and continuity in our client portfolio and the approach of new ones to our range of services. This is undoubtedly the best guarantee of BUSDEGO PRO.


Our experience, motivation and way of facing challenges provides a global vision of the project, so that, from this integral perspective, we design our strategy and interdepartmental procedures, implementing our technical, human and technological teams. In this way, we achieve agile methodologies and identify the flows to reduce costs while maintaining quality, optimising our own resources to the maximum.


Our objective is focused on providing a personalised response to each client in an individual manner and adapted to their specific needs. Offering professional support in accordance with their needs, seeking to form part of the project team and creating, in the engineering area, the solutions that best adapt to each proposal.

After years of presence and active participation in the market, BUSDEGO PRO has developed an extensive list of AREAS OF ACTION, which respond and adapt to the demands of the sector and the changes produced.


Focused on the client, we offer excellence in each of our services. We focus on results, so we manage objectives and work plans as resources to obtain increasing and sustainable profitability.

We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our projects, in which we bring the proven professionalism of our team and years of experience in the engineering sector and its different disciplines.

We are committed to sustainability, so that our company project contemplates criteria of economic, social and, of course, environmental responsibility.